Friday, May 20, 2011

Color your Home Day 3

Today is day 3 on the Color Your Home blog.  I have chosen a color that will make any buyer want to buy your home.  It is a color that will go in any room and is recommended by other real estate agents too.  It was quoted in my office " go buy yourself 2 gallons of this color and call me when you are done".  It works and its a great color for the eye. Painting your home for the market is something that is very affordable and will bring you a huge return on investment.  Happy Painting!
2. Color Selection: "Macadamia Nut"
Benjamin Moore


  1. Love the design of your blog and the concept! I look forward to following you. Oh, and Go Pirates!

  2. Love the Blog and look forward to lots of tips! We are getting tired of the white-white we repaint3ed a few years ago! Looking to repaint our big great rrom for sure, also entry way/hall, kitchen and sun room - was actually looking for a yellow tone for the sun room - wondering if this would work?? And would love to use some type of Khaki color for the great room - just no sure about the shade? Love the Khaki color you've chosen below. Good luck with your blog and your real estate business. We live in Williamsburg, VA and would love to buy a small cabin/house someday in the OBX or down even farther on the coast line - any good areas you might suggest besides the OBX?


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